What is the Procedure?

How to Proceed

A)     Please complete the attached form

B)     We will provide you with a written quotation

C)     You accept the quotation by signing and emailing it back to us

D)     You make a 50% Deposit payment into the Bank (details supplied)

E)      We collect all materials needed on Fridays from our suppliers

F)      We come to your home

G)     You make Balance payment

H)     We start with installation and complete job as per written agreement and specification



i)       LED lights use only 12 Volts

ii)      You cannot be shocked by 12 volts when touching both wires

iii)    We do NOT touch your current electricity system

iv)    We do not connect lights to current light switches or DB board/s

v)      Geyser timer is installed into current wiring of your home (DB box)

(Additional Geyser Timers can be requested per quote)

You can add onto your existing Installation as much and as often as you like….

         or as and when you can afford!


Solar Computer Solution Package - To supply your Computer with Solar energy you may choose to install a larger Solar Panel initially/ or you may choose to have a separate Solar panel/package for each and every computer.

1.      Computers generally need  220/230v Power

2.      A Power Inverter is needed to convert the 12v Battery energy to 220 Volt

3.      The higher the Watts needed by the appliance

/computer/fridge/microwave/hi-fi/Computer and monitor/washing machine/TV/DSTV decoder the larger the Inverter required.

4.      In our experience, it is better and more cost effective to install a separate solar package for each device.

5.      You may choose to build on your Solar plan.

6.      We recommend starting with a Separate Light Solution - Then perhaps with a Computer or TV package solution (you need to prioritize your needs).

7.      For this, we recommend that you switch your mains off at 7 tonight.

Now! What do u need most?  Most people have an immediate need for light-To see! 

Then they want coffee or something to drink. Modern kettles use up to 3000Watts. This is a lot of electricity, quickly. Basically, this means a 3000Watts Inverter, connected to your Solar Panel, Inverter and Deep Cycle Battery. Since this is very expensive we rather initially recommend using a Gas bottle and Top to warm up your water. Now you may want your TV and Decoder, or hi-fi or wireless radio to work for music. Then you want your PC to do some work.  Computers do not generally use as much power as you may think, so this may actually be an easier and cheaper way to go once you have your Solar lights in place.

8.      In order of priorities and power usage, we recommend the following

a)      Solar Lights throughout your home (tiny light packages are also available through our online store for short term ) –All 12 Volts

b)      Computer Backup and Radio/Hi-fi (higher watt inverters are needed)

c)      TV and Decoder (higher watt inverters are needed

d)      Microwave oven/s

e)      Water warming devices like kettles (high watt inverters are needed)

f)       Induction stoves (once off purchase using lower power and separate pots and pans) (high watt inverters are needed)

g)      Fridges and Deep Freezes (high watt inverters are needed)

h)      Washing machines

Please complete our form. We will then prepare a written quotation for you.