About Solar Wholesalers

Why Solar lights?

Because it is affordable, will save you money, is very effective and supply you with a total solution to Load Shedding. When everyone else is in the dark you will have lights. You should preferably never even switch on your Eskom lights.

Why be affected by Load Shedding? Why pay Eskom and your Local Municipality for Electricity to have lights on in your home while the sun can supply you all you need for FREE!

It's magic…The sun shines onto your Solar Panel. This energy is taken to a Solar Controller (or 2) which will ensure that the Battery does not overcharge. From here we run the wires to your new light switches and on to your lights.

We will install lights and light switches all over your house, as many as you need….

We offer a complete, “All in One package deal” and will Install and Supply the Following:

1.      Solar Panel/s

2.      Solar Controller/s

3.      Solar Deep Cycle Battery/ies

4.      Light Switches

5.      Lights (each mounted onto walls with 2 small wall plugs)

6.      Wiring and pins/glue to attach the wires to the walls

7.      Backup Battery Charger

8.      Electronic Timer to program times for Battery Support Charger to come on (when needed)

9.      Geyser Timer (installed into your DB Box onto your current home electrical system)