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Some of our Prices

Load shedding? No problem:


* We offer a variety of new solar equipment. 

* From inverters, lights, chargers, batteries, solar panels, and controllers. 


Sealed Strip Lights - R180
Non-Sealed Strip Lights - R180

Single Strip Lights (Yellow / White) - R153
Double Strip Lights (Yellow / White) - R264


500w Inverters - R 998

1500w Inverters - R1799

1000w Inverters - R3250

2420w Invertors - R4250

12-24v solar charge controllers - R979

48v solar charge controllers - R459

180A Deep Cycle Batteries - R3150

103A Deep Cycle Energizer Batteries - R2150


30w Solar Panels - R 735

40w Solar Panels - R842

50w Solar Panels - R1109

80w Solar Panels - R1642

100w Solar Panel - R2109

120w Solar Panels - R2309

150w Solar Panels - R3109

240w Solar Panel - R4777


Never be left in the dark again. 


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Prices INCLUDES VAT and are subject to change.